Call for Papers: On the history of social practice of psychiatric nursing and the patients’ situation in psychiatric facilities

International Conference: On the history of social practice of psychiatric nursing and the patients’ situation in psychiatric facilities

Organizer: Institute for the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Stuttgart. The conference will be coordinated by Dr. Sylvelyn Hähner-Rombach (Stuttgart) in cooperation with PD Dr. Karen Nolte (Würzburg)

Time and Place: October 9th-11th, 2015; Institute for the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation

*Deadline for abstracts: February 28th, 2015*

Within the last 20 years the history of psychiatry has developed into a multidisciplinary field of research, in which psychiatry as science, its institutions, forms of therapies and social practices have been examined. Although there some studies on hand about the history of the professionalization of psychiatric nursing, the history of psychiatry can still be considered as a desideratum in research. The planned conference is intended to provide a compilation of research activities in the field of history of psychiatric nursing. Moreover it is supposed to develop and discuss innovative research questions. To examine the everyday life of psychiatric nurses a wider perspective on female and male patients in psychiatric facilities is indispensable, because both groups were closely linked to each other. Therefore, the papers of the conference should combine questions from the history of nursing with questions from the history of patients. Concerning the scope of the papers both fields of research can be weighted differently. Possible topics are:

– historical developments and chances in the field of the education and the occupational image of psychiatric nursing – historical changes concerning concepts of nursing care

– practices in psychiatric nursing

– relationship between nurses and psychiatrists

– relationship between nurses and patients, patients’ perspectives on nurses – role of nurses in the context of the introduction of new (somatic) therapies in psychiatry

– experiences of patients in psychiatric facilities

– reforms in psychiatry and the role of nurses and/or patients

– role of nurses concerning the implementation and maintenance of discipline in psychiatric facilities

– criticism of psychiatry and nurses

– community-based psychiatry and social psychiatry

– patients and nursing at the interfaces of community-based psychiatry, social psychiatry and special education

Application: Abstracts (approximately 400 words) should especially highlight research questions, methods and sources. Moreover they should contain the title of the presentation as well as the name and address of the contributor. Please send your abstract to Sylvelyn Hähner Rombach, Institut für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung, Straußweg 17, 70184 Stuttgart or email it to (February 28th, 2015). Participants will be informed until April 1th, 2015. Travel expenses, lodging and board during the conference will be paid for by the organizer. Contributors from overseas will receive an additional payment for their flights up to a maximum of 600 Euro.

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