Mary Mulvihill

Mary Muvihill photo

It is with great sadness with which we learn of the death of network member Mary Mulvihill yesterday.

Mary was a highly successful science communicator and made huge contributions to promoting science and the history of science, technology and medicine in Ireland. She was a wonderful writer, and her best known book, Ingenious Ireland, is a wonderful read about the history of Irish science, scientists, and the places associated with them. She was a strong supporter of women in science and edited two biographies on Irish female scientists, Lab coats and Lace, and, Stars, Shells and Bluebells.

Mary developed the Ingenious Ireland walking tours which bring the science of Dublin alive. She was very active in many areas of science communication and inspired so many people to become interested in science.

She was an active and enthusiastic participant and supporter of the HSTM Network from the beginning and her loss will be greatly felt by all.

Here are but two of the many warm tributes to her memory:

A pioneer in science communications, and a friend, Mary Mulvihill RIP


She will be sorely missed as a friend and colleague.
The HSTM Network send our deepest sympathy to Mary’s partner Brian, and her family at this time.

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