Gaelic Medical Learning and its Cultural Afterlife Lunchtime Series

Royal Irish Academy 1pm Lunchtime Lecture Series

Gaelic Medical Learning and its Cultural Afterlife

4 November 2015 Medical writing in Irish, 1350–1650: treatises on pathology DR AOIBHEANN NIC DHONNCHADHA, DIAS

11 November 2015 Lucht leighis: healers and healing in Irish popular tradition by DR BAIRBRE NÍ FHLOINN, UCD

18 November 2015 The changing world of a Gaelic medic: Dermot O’Meara and early Stuart Ireland by DR DAVID EDWARDS, UCC

25 November 2015 Sylvester O’Halloran (1728–1807): romantic, antiquary and surgeon by DR CLARE O’HALLORAN, UCC

2 December 2015 Dr John Fergus: eighteenth-century doctor and book collector by DIARMAID Ó CATHÁIN

EXHIBITION — The series is accompanied by an exhibition, ‘Gaelic medical manuscripts from the Academy collections’, featuring some of the most important medical texts in the Irish language. 30 October–11 December, 2015 • Monday–Friday, 10.00–17.00 hours (except conference days – please check for details). Contact: 01-609 0620 or to arrange group visits.

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