HSTM Network Ireland/ Dublin Festival of History Event

We are delighted to partner with the Dublin Festival of History this year to celebrate the role of women in the history of science!
Introducing our three panelists….
Jessamyn Fairfield is a physics lecturer at NUI Galway. She is the science reporter for Newstalk’s radio show ‘Futureproof’ and runs Bright Club in Ireland (the variety night for lateral minds). Jessamyn will be speaking about the women involved in the production of the first nuclear weapons or ‘the Manhattan Project’.
Laura Finnegan is a student at the Smurfit Institute of Genetics and recent winner of the Mary Mulvihill Award (the science media competition for third-level students that commemorates the legacy of science journalist and author Mary Mulvihill (1959–2015)). Laura will be discussing her winning art project which celebrates Irish science and will focus on her depictions of women who have made contributions to Irish science in the past.
Rebecca O’Neill is the Project Coordinator for Wikimedia Community Ireland and is the WITS (Women in Science and Technology) representative on the National Committee for Commemorative Plaques in Science and Technology. Rebecca will talk about her work with these organisations to promote the achievements of women in the history of science.

More details  here

All welcome!


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