“Robert Boyle, Lady Ranelagh, and the Great Plague of 1665-66” Monday 22 March 5-6pm

Dr Michelle di Meo

Dealing with pandemics is nothing new for scientists. Throughout history new contagious diseases have emerged, seemingly out of nowhere. Physicians, researchers, and public officials then scramble towards mitigating the spread and discovering a cure while death tolls and unemployment rise. Robert Boyle and his sister, the scientific collaborator Lady Ranelagh, lived through the infamous Great Plague of London over 1665-66. What did they understand about the disease? How did they deal with it? Are there any lessons from 350 years ago that could apply to COVID-19 today? Join us as historian Michelle DiMeo illuminates how Robert Boyle and Lady Ranelagh’s experiences with a plague year share some striking similarities to what we face today.  

To book, go to http://www.robertboyle.ie/

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