HSTM Network Ireland Elects New Chair!

Dr Ida Milne, Lecturer in European History at Carlow College, has been elected chair of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (HSTM) Network of Ireland.

Speaking to Carlow College regarding her appointment, Dr Milne stated “HSTM is now well established in third level education internationally, but Ireland is lagging behind this trend, with few established HSTM lectureships, even though we have many brilliant scholars doing work on history of science, technology and medicine. It’s regarded as a fringe field rather than what it is –  at the cutting edge of history of ideas and of societal change.  It will be a goal of my term of office to push this change. I think, in particular, the fields of research traditionally covered by the new technological universities are a great area for HSTM expansion.” The full news article can be found here.

The entire HSTM Ireland Network congratulate Dr Milne on her appointment, and send our sincerest thanks to outgoing chair, Dr Adrian Kirwan of Maynooth University, for his four years in the role.


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