CHSTM, University of Manchester: Lunchtime Seminar: Representations of Soils in the Tropics in the Twentieth Century, 13th December, 1pm

‘Representations of Soils in the Tropics in the Twentieth Century’, Theo Tomking (University of York)

Soils are the fundamental substance of agriculture, yet have been paid little attention by historians of science and empire. This seminar explores how soils in the tropics have been represented and understood in the twentieth century. 

 Understanding of soils in the tropics has changed over time: from the synonymy of the term ‘tropical soil’ with fragile red earths, to the celebration of their diversity. Drawing on case studies – from soil maps to the reports of international development organisations – this seminar explores how understandings of soils are not fixed, nor represent a simple story of scientific progress.

Registration: This Seminar will be held virtually on Zoom. Please email – for the Zoom link

Details of seminar programme can be found here.


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