CSMBR VIVAMENTE: THE GARDEN OF IDEAS – Call Open, Deadline 20th January 2023

Applications are invited for the 2023 round of VivaMente: The Garden of Ideas

VivaMente: The Garden of Ideas

Grant Amount: €3000

Venue: Domus Comeliana – Pisa

Deadline: 20 January 2023

The scheme is devised to promote and sustain the best ideas in intellectual history and history of ideas with adequate economic and logistic support. VivaMente is wider both in scope and time span than any other CSMBR award and it allows scholars to expand freely on any topic, from ancient to contemporary history of science, medicine, technology, and ideas.

Under this scheme, € 3000 plus the free usage of the Domus Comeliana (worth an additional €2500 per day) will be awarded to the best proposals for a max. 2-day event to be held in Pisa. VivaMente Conferences are held preferably in the spring.

Info and application process at: https://csmbr.fondazionecomel.org/grants-and-awards/vivamente-grant/


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