Launch of new Scientific Instrument Commission website

On behalf of the SIC Board, I’m delighted to announce that we have a new version of the SIC website, ready for your perusal at 

This website has been devised by our colleague, Nicolàs de Hilster, who has kindly agreed to take over as our new web editor. We’ve kept the main structure fairly similar to the previous version but have added in some new layouts, images and features to provide a fresh approach. A huge ‘thank you’ to Nicolàs for creating this superb new website so quickly!
One such feature is our Twitter feed, which now features prominently on the home page; many thanks to Taha and his contacts for continuing to pique our interest with various tweets and instrument images. 
We have also started to add in some of the historic Symposium documents kindly supplied by Neil Brown and others; thanks also for your contribution.

Now it’s your turn…..please do send any corrections (typos, broken links etc) to Nicolàs ( or else if you would like to add new content (databases, online resources, project links, historic documents etc), please contact the Board ( and we’ll respond in due course. 
We sincerely hope you enjoy this new website and we look forward to hearing your suggestions to help us enrich the content over the coming years.

All best wishes,
Louise DevoySIC TreasurerLondon, UK


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