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The History of Science: An Introduction

 Course Number: OLE2544

 Interested in history, science & culture? Come along to these new lunchtime classes on women and science in history, the place of scientific biography and the relationship between science and the city.

10 weekly lectures on Tuesdays from 12.00 to 1.00 pm, commencing on 27th Sept.                                       Fee: £35.00 (concession rate £20.00) Tutor: Dr T. O’ Sullivan

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Professor Alun Evans, Queens University, Belfast

Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, History of Medicine Section, Wednesday 4th May 2016 at 6.15pm Setanta House, (First Floor) Setanta Place, Dublin 2

In the 1820s, Wilson Ray and his wife Frances transformed grave-robbing from a minor sport, enjoyed by Dublin’s medical students and petty crooks, into a thriving export trade. This was driven by an increasing demand for cadavers and the introduction of steamships on Irish Sea routes. In March 1829, Frances was discovered with cadavers concealed in a square piano case, a ‘contrivance’ which she must have employed before. The Rays’ activities were condoned, at least, by some of the leading doctors of the day. In May that year Wilson Ray was tried and found guilty – but guilty of what, precisely?

A Short Course in History of Science

The History of Science: An Introduction

Lecturer: Tanya O’Sullivan, BA, MA, PhD (member of the HSTM Network)

Location: Queen’s University Belfast

5 weekly sessions on Mondays 11.00 am to 1.00 pm, starting 25 April

In order to understand the central role science plays today, a closer look at its historical and social context is recommended. Using a variety of resources, this non-technical course will encourage students to see the history of science not as a series of names and dates but as an interconnected and complex web of relationships between science and society.

Suggested Reading: Making Modern Science: A Historical Survey, P Bowler & Iwan Morus (Chicago University Press).

5 CATS Points (Level 1)

(No class on Monday 2 May)

(concession rate £20.00)

Full Price: £35.00

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