A Short Course in History of Science

The History of Science: An Introduction

Lecturer: Tanya O’Sullivan, BA, MA, PhD (member of the HSTM Network)

Location: Queen’s University Belfast

5 weekly sessions on Mondays 11.00 am to 1.00 pm, starting 25 April

In order to understand the central role science plays today, a closer look at its historical and social context is recommended. Using a variety of resources, this non-technical course will encourage students to see the history of science not as a series of names and dates but as an interconnected and complex web of relationships between science and society.

Suggested Reading: Making Modern Science: A Historical Survey, P Bowler & Iwan Morus (Chicago University Press).

5 CATS Points (Level 1)

(No class on Monday 2 May)

(concession rate £20.00)

Full Price: £35.00

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