BSHM-CSHPM/SCHPM Conference: People, Places, Practices, 12 July 2021 to 15 July 2021

The joint BSHM-CSHPM/SCHPM conference on the theme of People, Places, Practices will take place from Monday 12 July (starting 14:00) to Thursday 15 July.

The conference (originally scheduled to take place in St Andrews, summer 2020) will be online. Most presentations will be pre-recorded and made available the previous day. Plenaries will be pre-recorded and released, but will also be played live. The timetable allows participants to watch the relevant recordings immediately before the live session Q&A if they wish. Live Q&A sessions are all 40 minutes, allowing time for a break, and a bit of slippage, before the zoom channel is needed for the next live session.

Presentations of specific Irish interest are:

Wed 14th @14:00 Colm Mulcahy (Plenary) – Plenary 5: The Scottish Irish Mathematical Trail

Wed 14th @17:00 Maurice OReilly (Q&A with pre-recorded video available in advance) – Developing an online exhibition of selected mathematical works from Marsh’s Library, Dublin: an early modern library through the eyes of undergraduate mathematics students

Thu 15th @ 18:00 Anne Van Weerden (Q&A with pre-recorded video available in advance) – Sir William Rowan Hamilton: the influence of the 1880s temperance struggles on his posthumous reputation

Registration is free:

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