PhD Opportunity: “I Give You My Body. A historical-ethical study on the donation of human tissues in Dutch medicine”, Deadline 29th November.

The Department of Medical Ethics, Philosophy and History of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) is looking for a PhD-candidate who will investigate the recent history and current practice of donating bodily materials in Dutch medicine, focusing on organ donation, fertility donors, and bio-banking. The project will be supervised by dr. Noortje Jacobs and dr. Eline Bunnik and is titled “I Give You My Body. A historical-ethical study on the donation of human tissues in Dutch medicine” .

The candidate will work with an interdisciplinary team of historians and ethicists to investigate the following themes and questions:

Donating human tissues in medicine is a relatively new practice: a century ago it was still common practice for so-called professional donors to be paid for their blood, milk, urine, skin or even bones. Today, Dutch legislation follows the gift paradigm, whereby human tissues may only be donated voluntarily and for free. When and under what circumstances was this paradigm first formulated in the Netherlands? What were the moral principles and cultural conceptions underlying the gift paradigm and how did this paradigm subsequently take shape in practices of organ donation, fertility donation and “further use of human tissues”? And how do new donation practices today put pressure on the gift paradigm and the moral handling of human tissue in medicine?

The candidate needs to be able to read Dutch sources.

Full details, job description and how to apply can be found via this link:

Closing date: November 29, 2022


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