CHSTM Postgrad Seminar- Tues 28 March – 1-2pm (UK time)

Please join us Tuesday 28 March 1-2pm (UK time) on Zoom for the next CHSTM Postgrad Seminar and the last of our spring seminars before the Easter Break.  

 Presenting is Mirza Alas Portillo of the University College Dublin giving a talk entitled: ‘How the pipeline ran dry: towards a critical historiography of the antibiotic pipeline (1970-2020)’.

The world relies on antimicrobial drugs to treat infections in humans, animals, and plants. Of the antimicrobial drugs, antibiotics are the most crucial class. They are a cornerstone of medical and veterinary practice, including their critical importance for treating infections and their role in more complex medical procedures. However, the growing use of antimicrobials has also profoundly impacted the microbial environment. The more antimicrobial drugs are used, the more microorganisms adapt to resist their effects. Over time, many antimicrobial treatments become ineffective. Unfortunately, the pipeline for discovering and developing new classes of antimicrobials has dried up since the 1980s. My presentation will focus on the emergence of the empty pipeline as a concept and how applying a critical historical approach can help us reappraise standard narratives of the dry pipeline as a market failure.

Please find the Zoom link for Mirza’s talk below:  

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 939 5405 1546

Passcode: 668156

I will also shortly be circulating our schedule for the upcoming summer series of CHSTM Postgrad seminars and we hope you join us after Easter for an exciting new line up of presenters. 


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